Best Places to Travel with Infant in US: A Parent’s Guide In 2023

Traveling with an infant can be a rewarding and memorable experience, but it does come with its unique set of challenges. From packing all the baby gear to making sure your little one stays comfortable, there’s a lot to consider. However, with the right destination, your family trip can be a breeze. In this article, we’ll explore the best places to travel with an infant in the US, taking into account your daily routine and answering common FAQs that parents often have.

Best Places to Travel with Infant In US

1- San Diego, California

Why It’s Great for Infants: San Diego offers a perfect blend of outdoor and family-friendly activities. The beautiful beaches, such as La Jolla and Mission Beach, provide a serene environment for your infant to enjoy the sand and sea. The city is also home to world-class attractions like the San Diego Zoo and LEGOLAND, which offer a variety of age-appropriate experiences.

FAQ: What are the accommodations like for families with infants? San Diego has a wide range of family-friendly hotels and vacation rentals, many of which provide amenities like cribs, high chairs, and even babysitting services.

FAQ: What should I pack when traveling to Orlando with an infant? Don’t forget sunscreen, a stroller for your little one, and comfortable baby carriers. Also, be sure to pack enough diapers and snacks.

2- Orlando, Florida

Why It’s Great for Infants: Orlando is known for its incredible theme parks, including Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort. While your infant may not be able to go on all the rides, the magic of these places isn’t lost on them. The parks are designed to accommodate young families, with baby care centers, quiet areas, and child-friendly attractions.

3- Charleston, South Carolina

Why It’s Great for Infants: Charleston’s historic charm, picturesque waterfront, and mild climate make it an excellent destination for families with infants. Take leisurely strolls along the waterfront, explore plantations, or enjoy a scenic carriage ride through the city.

FAQ: Are there any baby-friendly restaurants in Charleston? Yes, many restaurants in Charleston are family-friendly, offering high chairs and changing facilities. You can also find local markets with fresh baby food options.

4- Portland, Oregon

Why It’s Great for Infants: Portland is a city that celebrates outdoor activities and natural beauty. With your infant, you can explore parks, gardens, and the renowned Oregon Zoo. The city’s relaxed vibe is perfect for family travel, and you can easily find accommodations with cribs and other baby essentials.

FAQ: What’s the best time to visit Portland with an infant? The summer months, from June to August, are the most popular because of the pleasant weather. However, spring and early fall can be less crowded and more comfortable for babies.

5- Nashville, Tennessee

Why It’s Great for Infants: Nashville offers a mix of music, culture, and Southern charm. While you might not be hitting the honky-tonks with your baby, you can explore the city’s rich history, visit family-friendly museums, and enjoy live music in family-oriented venues.

FAQ: Is it easy to find changing facilities in Nashville? Yes, many public places, restaurants, and museums in Nashville offer changing tables for parents.

Best Places to Travel With Infant in US: FAQs and Tips

What’s the Best Age to Travel with an Infant?

Now that we’ve covered some fantastic destinations, let’s address common questions and provide valuable tips for traveling with your infant.

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Some parents prefer to travel with their infants as young as a few months old, while others wait until the baby is a bit older. It largely depends on your comfort level and your child’s needs. Newborns are usually more portable, but older infants might enjoy and remember the experiences more.

What Travel Gear Do I Need During Visit to Best Places to Travel With Infant in US?

Packing efficiently is key when traveling to visit of best places to travel with infant in US, list of the necessary travel accessories:

Car Seat: This is a non-negotiable item for safety when traveling by car.
Stroller: A compact, easy-to-fold stroller is your best friend for sightseeing.
Baby Carrier: Perfect for hands-free exploration, especially in places where strollers might not be practical.
Diapers and Baby Wipes: Pack more than you think you’ll need.
Changing Pad: Handy for on-the-go diaper changes.
Travel Crib: If your accommodation doesn’t provide a crib, a portable one is a must.
Baby Sunscreen: Protect your infant’s delicate skin.
Baby Essentials: Don’t forget bottles, pacifiers, and baby food (if applicable).

How to Handle Feeding an Infant on the Go?

Feeding your infant while traveling to best places to travel with infant in US can be a breeze with some planning. If you’re breastfeeding, ensure you have a comfortable, discreet nursing setup. If you’re bottle-feeding, pack pre-measured formula and a bottle warmer. Many restaurants and cafes are also accommodating to parents who need to feed their infants.

How Can I Keep My Infant Comfortable During the Best Places to Travel With Infant in US?

Stick to a Routine: Try to maintain your baby’s daily schedule as much as possible. Familiar routines can provide comfort in new environments.
Pack Comfort Items: Bring a favorite blanket or toy to provide a sense of security.
Dress in Layers: Weather can be unpredictable, so layering allows you to adapt to changing conditions.
Check Accommodation Amenities: Choose family-friendly accommodations that offer cribs, high chairs, and babysitting services.

What Activities Can I Enjoy with My Infant at the Destination?

The activities you can enjoy with your infant depend on their age and interests. Consider these options:

Stroller Walks: Exploring the local streets and parks with a stroller.
Baby-Friendly Museums: Many cities have museums with interactive exhibits suitable for infants.
Botanical Gardens: A peaceful place for a relaxing stroll with your baby.
Outdoor Picnics: Enjoy a meal outdoors, taking in the local scenery.

What Should I Do in Case of an Emergency?

It’s essential to be prepared for any unforeseen circumstances during best places to travel with infant in US. Have a well-stocked first-aid kit that includes baby-specific items like infant pain relievers and any necessary medications. Familiarize yourself with the nearest healthcare facilities, just in case.

How to Keep My Baby Safe on the Road?

Car Seat Safety: Always secure your infant in a properly installed car seat, rear-facing, in the back seat.
Drive Safely: Obey speed limits, avoid distractions, and take regular breaks on long journeys during visit of best places to travel with infant in US.
Plan the Route: Know where you can stop for breaks, changing, and feeding.
Stay Alert: Keep an eye on your baby while driving, but never attempt to attend to their needs while the car is in motion.

Should I Inform the Accommodation About My Infant’s Needs in Advance?

Yes, it’s a good idea during the visit of best places to travel with infant in US to let your accommodation know about your infant’s needs when booking. This way, they can prepare a crib, high chair, and other baby essentials in advance. Also, inquire about any family-friendly amenities they may offer.


Traveling with an infant can be a delightful adventure if you choose the best places to travel with infant in US and plan accordingly. The United States offers a wide range of family-friendly cities and activities, making it an excellent choice for your next family vacation. Whether you’re exploring the beaches of San Diego, enjoying the magic of Orlando’s theme parks, or experiencing the history of Charleston, you can create wonderful memories with your little one during the visit to best places to travel with infant in US. With proper preparation, patience, and a sense of adventure, you can embark on a journey that both you and your infant will cherish for years to come.

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